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Vietnam – An Adventure For The Soul

The ticket to this miraculous journey begins with the surprises that appear from the luxury Vietnam travel. Luxury Vietnam travel is where all of this begins, and jointly we will eyewitness the true soul of Vietnam.

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The tour that would enthrall the tourists in this attractive country is a trip to Hanoi’s old quarter. Experience the true history of Vietnam through this part of the city. This city is habitat to the much beautiful architectural building that captures the French colonial past. Do not forget the cuisine in this region. Vietnam is recognized as the France of Asia. Live through the exclusive cuisine and you will never look at food the same way again. Here you can try the renowned Pho Hoa Soup which is considered to be one of the best soups in the world.

No trip to Vietnam can be complete without having a look at the orangutans from the wildlife reserve. These kind animals are native to the region and the authorities have put forth efforts to preserve their species. Such adventure Tours in Vietnam will let you know the right feeling to be close to these burly and magnificent creatures. Vietnam is about the flawless coexistence of man with nature, which is seen through the evidence that these primates manage to live in one of the busiest cities in Asia. Hold them and touch them and be one with nature.

Your Luxury Vietnam adventure tour is incomplete if you do not experience the smiles of the people in Vietnam. What could be a better way to experience the joyfulness of these people during their own festivals? One of the most popular festivals here is the wet rice festival.

Rice is the staple food for public in Vietnam. In the region of Hau Giang in the Mekong Delta, farmers will showcase their rice production procedure and will offer their products for people to try and enjoy. After all, Vietnam is the second largest rice manufacturer in the world. When we are talking about festivals, the most extravagant would be a three-day festival celebrating Hanoi’s 1000th year anniversary. A Festival similar to this is marked by the use of a huge fireworks festival.

If you are enthusiastic about cycling, take a cycling tour which will give you an idea about the historical Ho Chi Minh City in addition to the rice paddy fields of the Mekong Delta. You can stay in the imperial city of Hue along Hanoi, the capital city of the country. You would also come across many appealing villages of Vietnam, and you can chit-chat with the locals for some time. A cycling tour will let you see Vietnam at a slower pace and stay at all major sights while concurrently allowing you to travel.

The country has put behind its tumultuous past and is quickly emerging as one of the flourishing economies in the region. With a rich ancient culture, captivating natural beauty and a welcoming population, Vietnam has made it to the list of the top destinations in the world.

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