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Tandoor Saigon For Authentic Indian Culinary Art

Located in Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Tandoor Saigon is popularly known as the public’s favorable venue to experience the authentic Indian culinary art. Instead of searching for the good restaurants to settle at weekend aimlessly, let us draw your focus on Tandoor from now on. The three-storied building will catch your interest in its quality services from the first sight. Combining the modern comfort and standard foods in the inspirational zones, the Restaurant is worth well a visit for the everlasting experience. Your eyes will be fulfilled with the colorful food displays while the stomachs are served well with the authentic foods and drinks. In the exclusive design, the building calls for the gourmets’ passion for the actual tastes of India.

Tandoor Restaurant Saigon

Tandoor – Spacious Venue in Heart of Saigon

Opened in 1997, Tandoor stands out as one of the most typical Indian Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. Carrying the same sense as its sister restaurants (Tandoor and Indian Palace in Hanoi), Tandoor Saigon evolves the great standards for Indian foods served for the huge number of customers throughout the bustling city. Informatively, the term “Tandoor” originally reflects the clay pot used in the far north of India in order to barbecue or cook the breads and meats. Anyway, do not merely think that Tandoor Saigon only covers the foods of the North India! Rather, the lavish Menu here promotes the delicious dishes in both North and South India that are made from rice and lentils associated with the wheat-based ingredients, bread, and curry.

Coming to Tandoor so that you get the wonderful chances to indulge your palate with the tasteful breads, savory curries, and succulent kebabs! By stepping into the great portal of Tandoor Saigon, you join in the authentic destination with the great passion. The culinary adventure here helps to discover the huge collections of Indian foods with breads and curries. At leisure or on a lazy day, feel free to dial Tandoor’s hotline for the FREE home delivery to enjoy their perfect delivery!

The Tandoor Menu is accessible online with many options of foods and drinks, so pronounce their names so that you can opt for the most favorable choices! Since Tandoor is an ideal for every kind of parties and outdoor catering, it is eminent in the list of the top-featured Indian Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Please note that Tandoor’s specialties are the halal foods from the Northern India and the clay oven cooked kebabs! Thus, NEVER ignore their names during your dining experience here. Along with that, Tandoor Saigon also offers the South Indian foods that are marketed deliciously via the eye-catching pictures.

Tandoor Restaurant Saigon


Tandoor Restaurant Saigon

Of course, the flavors here are delicious with many dishes on the luxuriant Menu. Beside the specialties of Indian cuisine, the Restaurant also promotes the big range of vegetarian selections. There is the countless number of connoisseurs spent time eating the Indian foods and enjoying the Indian stylish atmosphere designed elegantly in the heart of Saigon. Needless to say more, Tandoor Saigon is the great venue that is worth well an experience.

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  1. Tandoor seems to be one of high-end and professional Indian restaurants throughout Vietnam since the owner has opened the first restaurant in 1999. They have two properties in Ha Noi and one in Saigon. Tandoor in Saigon is located in the central district surrounded by 5-star hotels such as Park Hyatt, Inter Continental Asiana Saigon, Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, Caravelle. The 3-storey building restaurant can accommodate maximum 120 clients at once with varied food, from Muslim to non- vegetarian or vegetarian Indian menues.

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