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Tandoor – Leading Indian Restaurant In Hanoi

Located in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam, Tandoor Indian Restaurant stands out as the leading spot for all gourmets to visit and experience. Thanks to the ideal location, Tandoor is best known as one of the oldest and most bustling restaurants for the real Indian cuisine right in Hanoi. Only take a walking distance from Hoan Kiem Lake, the customers find it extremely convenient to enjoy the actual tasting experience as well as sightseeing over the ancient capital of Vietnam. The two-storey building is constructed with the traditional Indian architecture that has capacity to serve up to 100 people at the same moment. Along with that, there exist many private rooms that house about 15 – 40 customers that desire to savor Indian cuisine in the quiet spaces.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Hanoi

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Hanoi

Here is the direction to visit Tandoor Restautant in Hanoi: go straight ahead from Cau Go Street! The restaurant is situated in the intersection of Cau Go and Hang Be Street. Meanwhile, it is also nearby Hoa Binh Palace hotel and Hanoi Gallery as well.

Tandoor Restaurant in Hanoi
Address: 24 Hang Be, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Tel No:04 3824 5359

What Makes Tandoor Outstanding Among Hanoi Indian Restaurants?

First of all, Tandoor is reputable as the hot destination for many gourmets and foodies that together share the endless interest in Indian cuisine. Meanwhile, the restaurant is rated as the top spot that sells souvenirs to the foreign tourists that stay in Hanoi. As the restaurant’s name has stated, Tandoor mainly serves the lavish menu of Tandoor. Therefore, it is a BIG shortcoming when ignoring the name of Tandoor when reading the menu here. When coming to the restaurant, the gastronomers are motivated to enjoy the real essence or quintessence of Indian cuisine with over 150 authentic Indian dishes namely Tandoori Chicken, Nan, Butter Nan, Chicken Butter Masala, Sda Chawal, Kashmir Pilau, etc. Since the foods here are cooked by the professional native Chefs, it is promised to offer the wonderful meals for everybody that loves the Indian Culinary Art.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Hanoi

Indian Food At Tandoor Hanoi

Theoretically, Tandoor indicates the clay pot used in the far North of India in order to barbecue the meats and breads. Nonetheless, Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Hanoi mostly serves the delicious and savory foods of both North and South Indian. That means the dishes here are made mainly from lentils and rice while the North Indian foods are more wheat-based. For domestic and foreign tourists, the bread and curry here are absolutely tasteful and mouthwatering.

Whether or not you’re enjoying an Indian culinary tour inside Hanoi, Vietnam, it is always encouraged to set foot on Tandoor Restaurant – one of the best destinations for the so-called gourmets. Right in Tandoor, ones are served wholesomely by the well-trained staffs associated with the fresh authentic Indian dishes. Do feel free to opt for the food of favorite via the rich collections presented in the lavish Menu. Tandoor promises to value the unforgettable moments just for you and the beloveds, family, or friends. More and more connoisseurs have actually savored Indian foods in Tandoor with the BIG satisfaction. Want to become one of them? Visit Tandoor Hanoi soon!

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