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Regular Flights From India To Vietnam

It is BIG good news to know that Aviation Corporation of Vietnam (Vietnam Airlines) and private airline Jet Airways of India have officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Since then, the direct flights between the 2 countries will be opened for all to fly from India to Vietnam and vice versa. Conveniently, the two companies begin collaborating on various fields regarding trades, technology, services, and training. It is promised that the direct flights between Vietnam and India will be conducted in the shortest time. Book the good flights at the good rates with Vietnam Airlines and Jet Airways!

Flight from India to Vietnam

At this moment, November 2014, there are regular flights from India to Vietnam BUT with transit at Bangkok (Thailand) as following:

Flights From Delhi (Indira Gandhi Airport) to Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat Airport)

  • VN3259 DEL/SGN 0840/1645 (Wednesday)
  • VN3259 DEL/SGN 0855/1715 (Every day Except Wednesday)

Shorten Flying Time from India to Vietnam

By exploiting many direct flights from India to Vietnam, each country’s tourism industry is granted chances to develop with the positive flow of tourists annually. Once trade and tourism are promoted interestingly, both Vietnam and India can attract the huge number of visitors to their lands. In the current time, there are some foreign airlines that offer the flights from Vietnam to India such as Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, and AirAsia. How about the flights from India to Vietnam? Of course, they are highly managed by Jet Airways of India.

Geographically, the distance from India to Vietnam is 1848.8 miles (2975.4 kilometers). Within the distance, the approximate flying time from New Delhi, India to Hanoi, Vietnam is estimated as 3 hours 50 minutes. Nonetheless, please note that the listed duration time may vary due to the type and speed of the aircrafts! Hence, do not get perplexed when experiencing the different numbers of hours and minutes (such as 4 hours 21 minutes) when traveling from Indian to Vietnam and vice versa. Especially, the exact time of flying may also depend on the wind’s speeds.

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam as an Indian traveler? The estimated flying time does not cover the minutes spent for the transport after landing, waiting time, or weather delays, surely. In most cases, the time difference between Indian and Vietnam is also taken into account in order to estimate the exact time when arriving at the destination.

Claiming that your trip begins in India and ends in Vietnam, the flight direction is East (93 degrees from North). Through measuring the flight duration in average between Indian and Vietnam, the travelers have more control over their flying experience better than ever before.

Take Advantage of Fight Time Calculator Program Online

The availability of Flight Time Calculator is what you need to calculate the travel routes from India to Vietnam. By entering the required details including Airports, Countries, Cities, States, or Zip codes, find out the flying time between the two certain points! How long will your flights from India to Vietnam take? Check it out by accessing the online programs available in official websites of many airline companies out there! India and Vietnam expect to have direct daily flights in early 2015. The non-stop flights via the domestic carrier Jet Airways connect Delhi and Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh City for the extreme convenience. The two countries are connected by air according to the inked announcements. Thankfully, we together hope for the smooth flying route and begin booking for the non-stop flights from India to Vietnam as the best choices available. Travel From India to Vietnam will update information of new flights from India to Vietnam regulary !

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