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How To Apply Vietnamese Visa For Indian Citizens

Featuring the peaceful ambiance, Vietnam calls for the worldwide tourists’ interest in her endless charm with numerous attractions to explore. No matter where you stay on globe, set foot on Vietnam at least once since Vietnam Tourism has now become the hot magnet on Earth. For the Indian vacationers who are in dire need of exploring Vietnam, precious info about the ways how to apply Vietnamese visa for Indian passport turns to be extremely helpful. If you are an India passport holder, it is sure that you need a Visa to visit Vietnam. So, how to do?

Apply visa to Vietnam

2 Basic Options to Apply Vietnam visa for Indian citizens

  • The first option is contacting the Embassy of Vietnam right in India to receive the Visa before flying to Vietnam. The procedures are mostly quick and simple.
  • The second option is inquiring for the Letter of Approval to pick up the Visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport. Nonetheless, the Visa on Arrival is not work for the land entry. That means it is required to have the Visa beforehand if arriving by land. Otherwise, in case of traveling by cruises, contact the Cruise Operator for Visa Procedure!

The two options are validated at any time you wish to travel to Vietnam as the so-called Indian travelers. Therefore, obtain a Tourist Visa in the way that is best suited for the self’s demand and budget! Conveniently, applying Vietnamese visa for Indian citizens can be either done off-line or on-line.

It is welcomed to submit the visa application at Vietnam Embassy or apply it online on Vietnamese travel sites. Legally, Vietnam tourist visa only allows you to stay up to 30 days. Hence, more and more people prefer to opt for the Business Visa within tourism purposes so that they can have a longer stay in Vietnam (about 3 months). Even though the Visa Process merely takes a couple of days, the Indian travelers are encouraged to apply for it about 1 month prior to the proposed date of travel to avoid every unpredictable trouble.

As already noted, the Indian travelers have two options to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa. If deciding to work with Vietnam embassy, submit the required documents including the original passport valid for at least 6 months prior to the date of entry, Visa Application Form (free), 01 passport photo, and Vietnam Visa fee. The processing time may take 3 – 5 working days.


Address : 20 Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapury, New Delhi – 110 021
Tel: 2687.9852 (+ Ext);2687.9852 (+38) (Consulate);
Fax: + 2687.9856 (Chancery); + 2687.9869 (Consulate);
Email : ebsvnin@yahoo.com.vn
Website : http://www.mofa.gov.vn/vnemb.india

In another case, getting Vietnam visa on arrival if traveling by plane! Do remember that entering Vietnam by land or sea is not eligible for Visa on Arrival! The Indian citizens can register for a Vietnam visa online. Then, the Visas will be collected on landing at Vietnam International Airports. The full procedure to pick up Vietnamese visa on arrival for Indian travelers includes the filling of online Visa application form, paying visa processing fee online (USD/VND), receiving Visa Approval Letter via Email (2 working days), getting visa stamp when arriving at airport and obtaining the Visa as expected.

For instance, if applying for 1-month Visa for 1 person, it’s asked to pay $30 processing fee in advance to get the Visa approval letter. Then, continue paying $25 stamping fee to have the single entry visa stamped at arrival airport.

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