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Great Vietnamese Festivals In March

Vietnam is exclusively characterized with a rich collection of festivals throughout the year. And if you are searching for the best Vietnamese Festivals in March, this is the informative recommendation right for you, engaged in the names of Le Mat Snake Festival, Hung Temple Festival, and Chu Dong Tu Festival. They promise to make your March memorable with the healthy spirituality, national pride, and cultural hero. Please add names of these festivals to your bucket of preference from now on!

Le Mat Snake Festival

Le Mat Village Festival

Located in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, Le Mat Village is where a unique festival is held annually on 23rd of the 3rd lunar month. In the early morning of this day, the representatives of 13 camps to the west of Thang Long ancient capital will bring 13 trays of food over their heads to Le Mat Village. At the initial phases, water and carp processions are exhibited and carried to Thanh Communal House. This ceremony teaches the present generation about heroic achievement of the village’s agriculture. The snake (made of bamboo taped in cloth) is then displayed in the communal house’s yard; it represents for water-monster species that was conquered by the youth’s power. The festival gives villagers a great chance to gather and retell story of the village’s formation. If you join the event, you’re given a cup of snake wine produced by 3 or 5 snakes as a unique symbol of healthiness in the region.

Hung Temple Festival

Hung King Festival

Situated in Phong Chau District, Phu Tho Province, Hung Temple is an excellent religious spot that welcomes everybody to come and worship Hung Kings. Annually, this event takes place from the 9th to the 11th of the 3rd lunar month. Clearly, it lasts 3 days, but the worship service is done on the 10th day and begins with flowery rituals which are contributed by the state representatives. If you are about to visit this tourist site, don’t ignore Thuong Temple, where Hung Kings used to honor deities. To remind the nations of Lang Lieu Legend, and the virtue of Hung Kings, cakes are served well. Besides, the festive days are boosted with Xoan song performance (a classic song kind), and “Ca Tru” (a classic opera type), which makes up the perfectly traditional atmosphere, spreading its healthy influence over the whole country.

Chu Dong Tu Festival

Chu Dong Tu Festival

This exclusive festival takes place for 3 days, from the 10th to the 12th of the 3rd lunar month, right in Chu Dong Tu Village, Hung Yen Province. Only about 20km from Hanoi, the tourists from all walks of life can easily reach this fantastic village and join the event interestingly. It’s known that Saint Chu Dong Tu was among the “four immortal heroes”, at the heart of Vietnamese society.  Historically, Chu Dong Tu was a cultural hero in Vietnamese history, as he successfully defeated the marsh and promoted agriculture and also business in the past. During the ceremony, there stands a procession to remind the participants of various great ideas about Saint Chu Dong Tu including his legend, life, and work achievements. Besides praising for the saint, the villagers also appreciate considerable contribution of his two wives to the nation.

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