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Dakshin Restaurant in Hanoi – Truly Space For Indian Taste

Situated right on Hang Trong Street, Hanoi, Dakshin Indian Restaurant has long been reputable as the great venue for the vegetarians. Even though the restaurant somehow looks old and shabby in the exterior aspects, its interior space features the truly Indian ambiance fulfilled with bamboo tables. More specially, the chairs here are adorned with the Indian ornaments and pictures that together create the ideal zones for tasting the real Indian cuisine. Informatively, the maximum storage capacity of the food shop is about 120 people. The cool and spacious destination welcomes every gourmet to spend hours here savoring and evaluating the Indian foods skillfully cooked by the authentic Chefs.

Just traveling to from India to Vietnam and looking for Indian restaurant in Hanoi ? Here is the direction to arrive at Dakshin: Take Hang Trong Street first. Then, pass the intersection of Hang Trong and Bao Khanh Street! After that, keep moving a few meters to see the Restaurant on the left hand side that is nearby the Lake View hotel. Here we go!

Dakshin indian restaurant in Hanoi

Dakshin Indian Restaurant

Address: 94 Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi

Tel:  +84.4 6 273 6929 / +84.4 3 760 6014

Dakshin – Heaven For Vegetarian Indian Foods

As already noted, Dakshin is the existing heaven or the favorable venue for the vegetarians that are fond of the vegetarian Indian foods – the restaurant’s best specialty. Please note that Dakshin restaurant in Hanoi is NOT a common vegetarian restaurant like many others! In fact, the cuisine here is promoted with the special and distinctive tastes derived from the Indian-style delicious foods such as Paneer Butter Masala, Bhindi Masala, Channa Masala or Bagare Baigam, Chilli Paneer, Poori, Dakshin Meat Platter, Chettinad Chicken, etc.

Within the affordable prices, the meals here are cooked for every connoisseur that loves Indian culinary art. Both taste and décor in Dakshin are carefully created to please the eaters’ eyes and stomachs. By keeping in touch with the Indian innovative cuisine, the Restaurant brings you closer to the real taste of Indian foods. Dakshin capture and showcase the Cuisine from the southern part of India as well as India’s Western coast.   dakshin indian restaurant hanoi

In connection with Dakshin Indian Cuisine, it is featured with the ingredients of local spices, coconut, red chilies, pepper and spices of the coast, etc. Indeed, Dakshin is a cozy spot to manifest the Indian foods via the rich menu of seafood recipes, tomato-based hot curries, red hot pepper, etc. The Indian travelers to Vietnam can comfortably savor Indian cuisine right in the cozy Restaurant as they’re staying at the home country.

In order to experience the best of Indian dishes, especially the vegetarian foods, Dakshin turns to be the must-visit place operated by the well-trained Chefs who merely cook from the original sources and authentic ingredients. While Masalas comes from the coast of Kerala, Cardamom is rooted from Coorg in Karnataka and imported Pomfret is from the Coast of Mumbai. If you are dreaming about a mouthwatering Indian vegetarian delicacy, you find it right in Dakshi’s rich menu including Lamb Madras, Chicken Chettinad, Pomfret Fry, Mangalorean Gassi Curries, Chicken Tikka Masala, Kerala Fish, Fish & Veggie Cutlets, Kerala Fish Curries, etc. There seems to be the endless choice of delicious dishes with lots of varieties here. Contact the Restaurant for more details about wedding reception, birthday parties, graduations, dinners, and many other occasions!

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