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Baba’s Kitchen For Authentic Tastes Of India

Situated in Bui Vien Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Baba’s Kitchen is vastly regarded as the top-featured Indian Restaurant for the authentic tastes of Indian cuisine. For everybody that is keen on savoring Indian foods and drinks, a visit to Baba’s Kitchen is worth well experiencing. Right in the heart of Saigon, the food shop stands out of the crowd with the fascinating attraction. Its lavish Menu will win your eyes and hearts from the first-time experience. Therefore, never be backward to set foot on the Restaurant so that you know what is called the real Indian cuisine. In addition to offering the finest foods of India, it is promised to make you become filled with lots of services offered throughout the bustling city.

Baba’s Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh City

Baba’s Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh CityStop For Who Travel From India to Vietnam
164, Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1
Tel: +84.8 3838 6661
TripAdvisor Rank: 4.5/5

Baba’s Kitchen – Superior Assistance and Services

Remarkably, Baba’s delivers the excellent foods of India to all districts of Saigon. Hence, do feel free to contact the Restaurant for the quick and safe delivery at any time you feel like! In case of catering, Baba’s Kitchen caters every social event and occasion for the home dinner as well as group meeting. Along with that, the self-service buffet available at the tables boosts your freedom during the dining time. Due to the self’s budget and preference, ask the Restaurant to aid you in designing the Menu that meets your demand for both costs and flavors.

Meanwhile, it is viable to pick up a meal from one of the Restaurant’s popular set menu. Since the manager and staffs here are all experienced in catering a series of events, they tend to put themselves in the customers’ shoes. As a result, no need to worry about the flavors promoted by the highly skilled Chefs and friendly staffs here. Your moments and occasions have been valued memorably at Baba’s Kitchen. Proudly speaking, Baba’s actually brings India to Vietnam. Let’s try savoring and assessing the authentic tastes of India right in the authentic Restaurant.

Baba’s Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh City


Baba’s Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh City

The halal Indian foods here are tasteful and delicious. Whether or not you have ever eaten any Indian dish, Baba’s satisfies you and indulge your palate through the superior assistance and services. The wonderful tastes of Indian cuisine are genuinely marketed here. Hence, more and more gourmets have come back to Baba’s several times. Especially, the Indian travelers that book Vietnam culinary tours are encouraged to invest time in this authentic Restaurant since the foods here are high quality indeed.

The luxuriant Menu covers the names of Indian dishes from Appetizers & Soups to Curries, Tandoori, Tikka, Kebab, Vegetarian Dishes, Breads, Rice, and Desserts. Being cooked in the Indian traditional style, the foods in Baba’s Kitchen in Saigon are great enough for the mouthwatering lunch and dinner. It is sure that the gourmets come here not only for tasting the favorable Indian dishes but also for learning the Indian culinary art via the excellence of the well-trained Chefs.

Are you in dire need of savoring Indian foods in the authentic and friendly ambiance? If the answer is YES, go on contacting Baba’s Kitchen right now! You are always welcomed to be the patrons of Baba’s – the top worthy Halal Indian restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam.


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  1. Both Baba’s Kitchen and Mumtaz Indian are located in the busy tourist street which attract both adventurers and expats. These both store seem offering truly Indian cuisine as there are not only Indian guests, but also many Westerners enjoy food here. The house are both small and arrange for 35 pax maximum. Last but not least, Indian tourists may find their familiar food during travel days in Saigon with complimentary delivery service upon request.

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